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Once again, Queen’s Park High School students have done themselves and us, as a community, proud. Despite the turbulent year they have endured, we always knew that this special year group were destined to achieve great things and their GCSE results have shown this.  They have achieved both some spectacular individual successes as well as sustaining (and indeed exceeding) the pattern of improvement the school has seen over the past few years.

This year, we are particularly thrilled to see our higher ability students outperform expectations with 32% of all grades awarded being grades 9-7 (old A*/A) including 9% of these at Grade 9.

Particular mention needs to be given to the following students who have not only achieved outstanding academic results but have also contributed above and beyond to the wider life of the school through their particular embodiment of the school’s principles and ethos:

  • Rory Jones – 9 grade 9s and 1 grade 8
  • Eirinn McGuire - 8 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s
  • Tyler Gordon - 8 grade 9s and 1 grade 8
  • Beth Henderson-Palmer – 5 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s
  • Kiara Parlevliet – 4 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s
  • Max Wilson – 3 grade 9s, 5 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s

Other outstanding performances with grades 9-6 overall come from: Josh Williamson, Finlay Jaworski, Juliette Gilchrist, Sophia Souna, Rhea Yalarakis, Iestyn Burke, James Fawcett, Ceri Raynor, Joe Bamber, Joseph Smith and Josh Halewood.

Headteacher, Miss Lyndsay Watterson said:

“This is a special day for us here at Queen’s Park. I feel incredibly proud of our Year 11 students, a cohort for whom we have always had high expectations, which they have lived up to admirably. Their commitment, maturity and determination to succeed were all recognised within our Ofsted inspection back in January and they have maintained these values throughout lockdown, with many of them continuing their studies, even engaging with virtual A Level lessons.

For each and every student, today is about celebrating their own personal success and determining their next steps in their academic journey, whatever that may be. It has been a privilege for us as staff to be able to support and help shape their futures.

We pride ourselves at Queen’s Park for our family feel, the fact that all our students are known and nurtured and when looking through the results this year we were thrilled to be able to pick out so many success stories for students who have had to overcome significant personal barriers throughout their educational journey and for those who have made significant progress both academically and personally as a consequence.   I hope we have played our part in setting them up for successful futures, whether this be here at Queen’s Park in the 6th Form or elsewhere. We wish them all the best of luck.”

Mrs Cutler, Key Stage 4 Leader added,

“I am immensely proud of all students collecting their results today. Two years ago they were set the challenge of working hard, being resilient when faced with challenges and to show great determination to reach the top of their ‘Mars bar’ hill, and they have all certainly done that, in the most difficult of circumstances. I look forward to seeing a large number of them returning to us in September to embark on their next challenge. Well done!”

For information on our A Level examination results 2020 please click the link below:

Key Stage 4 Results
Provisional GCSE Key performance measures 2018 2019 2020
Progress 8 Score -0.64 -0.17 0.3*
Attainment 8 Score 43.46 43.44 53.74
Percentage of students achieving a Strong Pass** in English & maths
Percentage of students achieving a Standard Pass*** in English & maths 


Percentage of students achieving a Strong Pass in English 
Percentage of students achieving a Standard Pass in English
Percentage of students achieving a Strong Pass in maths 
Percentage of students achieving a Standard Pass in maths
Percentage of students achieving a Strong Pass in the Ebacc 
Percentage of students achieving a Standard Pass in the Ebacc


Percentage of students entering Ebacc 33% 27.9% 45.50%

* Based on SISRA collaboration data - no official P8 for 2020 due to Covid
** A strong Pass = Grades 9-5
*** A Standard Pass = Grades 9-4 

The following link provides access to the DfE School Performance Tables website. 

Key Stage 5 Results 
  2018 2019 2020
Progress of students compared with those across the country -0.72 -0.32 0.24*
Average Grade at KS5 D C- C+
Progress in Maths -0.04 0.29
Progress in English (suppressed data to allow for anonymity due to low number of pupils) SUPP SUPP
Retention (proportion of students who get to the end of the main programme of study that they enrolled on at your institution) 53/54 98.1%

* Based on SISRA collaboration data - no official P8 for 2020 due to Covid