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Design and Technology

Subject: Design and Technology
Contact: Mr J Budgen


All students study Design and Technology, both Food Technology and Product Design, at Key Stage 3 and they have the choice for further study Product Design and Graphics at KS4 and KS5. Throughout each Key Stage we aim to promote a broad understanding of Research Skills, Developing Ideas, Subject Knowledge, Presenting Ideas and Making Skills. The very nature of our subject allows the teacher to contribute to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development of students.



All students study Design and Technology at Key Stage 3 and they have the choice for further study at KS4 and 5. During KS3 of Queen's Park High Curriculum (Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9), students will experience working with each of the major materials in different areas of the Design & Technology department. These are; Product Design, Electronics & control, Graphics, Resistant materials and Food Technology. The subjects are taught on a project basis so students will undertake them in a different order and eventually cover all of the different aspects of our foundational Design & Technology Curriculum.

Independent learning tasks through the use of takeaway homework’s allow students to develop their ability in managing their own interests through learning. We also offer KS3 after school STEM Club.

Curriculum content


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

Food – Health and Safety Chopping Skills

Design – Health and Safety

Food - Working in a kitchen environment – Working with key ingredients

Design – Design Skills

Food – Developing practical skills.

Design – Making Skills

Year 8

Cakes and Puddings

Design - Research

Curry and Presentation

Design- Developing Ideas

Fruit and Veg

Design - CAD

Year 9

Breads and Pastries

Design – Art Deco


Design -  CAD Design

Food Culture

Design – CAM Manufacture

Age related milestones

Create ideas
Plan & Make
Food & Nutrition


Overview: Product Design

During Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE), students will follow the AQA Product Design syllabus or Edexel Graphic Products syllabus. Assessment at the Examination stage takes place through a controlled assessment task worth 60% of the overall grade and a written exam worth 40%. All work is internally assessed and externally moderated. Students will receive 5 lessons per two weeks over a 2 year course.

GCSE Design and Technology enables students to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques.

Students are always welcome at lunchtimes if they need any help or if they just want a quiet place to work on any of their D&T work. In Year 11, regular after school sessions are held to give the students further opportunities to maximise their grade.

Students are taught in 5 hours a fortnight.

Exam board and course

AQA Design and Technology Product Design (8552)

Curriculum Content for both GP and PD


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 10




Year 11

Plan and Make

Test and Evaluate


Assessment components

Design and Technology Graphic Products and Product Design

Component 1:

Component 2:

Overview of content

•Students will design and make a product.

•Students will develop skills in researching, designing, reviewing, planning, making and testing

and evaluating.

Overview of content

•Students will develop knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials and processes

used in the field of design and technology.

•Students will learn about industrial and commercial practices and the importance of quality

checks, and the health and safety issues that have to be considered at all times.

•The knowledge and understanding students develop in this unit can be applied easily to Unit 1:

Creative Design and Make Activities.


•Students must complete a design and make activity.

•All work, with the exception of research and preparation, must be done under informal

supervision. Research and preparation may be completed under limited supervision.

•Students need to complete their designing and making within 40 hours of informal supervision

•There are eight assessment criteria for designing, and five assessment criteria for making.

• 60%


•This unit is assessed through examination paper set and marked by the exam board

•The examination paper will be a question and answer booklet and all questions are compulsory.

•The examination paper will consist of multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-writing questions.


Enrichment opportunities:

Monday KS3: 3pm – 4pm

Wednesday KS4 & KS5: 3pm – 4pm

Useful websites to support learning

technology student website
technology review website
gcsebitesize design website
dtonline website
design-technology website
design and tech website
how stuff works website
design museum website
design week website
Free ‘Google sketchup’ CAD software can be downloaded from Google or from: website