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3D Design

Subject: 3D Design 
Contact: Mr M Roberts


At Key Stage 5 we currently follow the AQA Three-dimensional design syllabus (AQA Specification 7245). In Year 12 students explore ideas about designs from different times, places and cultures. They critically assess designers' work which gives them opportunities to explore and experiment with their own ideas using a broad range of materials and techniques.  

For Component 1, Year 13 students focus on a personal investigation into an idea, concept or theme supported by written material. The work should follow the development of understanding and skills using an appropriate range of materials, processes and techniques.  The investigation must lead to a finished outcome or a series of related finished outcomes.

Component 2 is the externally set assignment, where students are required to select one of 8 given questions. They will have a preparatory period to collect ideas and will complete a 15 hour supervised timed session.

Exam board and course

AQA Three-dimensional design (7245)

Curriculum Content


Autumn Term

Spring Term 

Summer Term 


Metals, plastics, woods, SMART materials,

Designer research

Mock Preparation for 2 hour Exam

Developing modelling and 3D construction,

Woods, plastics, metals, recycled materials


Component 1: Personal Investigation

Component 2:  Externally Set Assignment

Component 2:  Externally Set Assignment

Enrichment opportunities:

Currently awaiting content

Useful websites to support learning

Technology website
Technology website
gcsebitesize/design website website website website website website website
Free ‘Google sketchup’ CAD software can be downloaded from Google website